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Business Card "Biosfera"

Year established: 1991

Main types of activity: production, wholesale, retail, own chain shops, import.

Russian regions: All regions, Own chain shops in St.Petersburg

Foreign partners: StefanplastS.p.A, FLEXI-Bogdahn International GmbH & Co. KG, GONZALO ZARAGOZA MANRESA S.L., BEST FRIEND GROUP Oy., Landguth Heimtiernahrung GmbH, VAFO PRAHA s.r.o ,Elmira petfood, MP BERGAMO srl,

Exclusive distribution: Flexi, StefanPlast,KIKI, Hurtta, Nutram, Hau-Hau, MP BERGAMO,NUEVO, ISEGRIM, HUBERTUS, Lifecat, Lifedog.
Number of workers: above 250

Occupied territory – 7000 sqr.m.+ 42 own chain shops – 1300 sqr.m.

Assortment amount Import 1366/ Wholesale 15000/ production 850/ retail 15000


Company Biosfera was found in 1991 by group of enthusiasts lead by Alexander Pokrovsky. During 18 years of existence company has been dynamically developing.
Company started from retail sailings, than became a manufacturer, and after it started wholesaling, import and export. For last two years number of importing goods increased in few times. Now, Biosfera is one of the biggest wholesale companies in Russia, successfully working not only in St.Petersburg and north-west region of Russia, but also with all Russian regions from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, including neighbor countries. Biosfera Ltd. Presents on Russian market 15000 names of national and import products from the cheapest one which is available for everyone, to elite products from the world leaders, created for professionals.
Number of own chain shops has been increased by 1 shops in 2021, and there is now 44 shops.

Company "Biosphera" is the owner of eight trade marks: «VАКА», "BioVaks", "BioFlor", "Gold-Premium", «Series 44», «Chistjulja VАКА», «Weekly-Quickly», «X-Element» which have deserved a recognition among owners of pets.
«VАКА» is a quality assurance of production from which your pets will be always cheerful and healthy. Now under this mark is issued over five hundred names of production, which well-known across all Russia and the near abroad countries. Among set of kinds of grain production «VАКА», «VАКА High quality» and "Vaka-lux" (superpremium class) is a forage for budgerigars, canaries, large parrots and small birdies, for rodents, decorative mice and rats, hamsters, rabbits and chinchillas. In 2009 the new manufacture line of new forages VАКА High Quality has been started. A series consists from 12 kinds of forages for birds and rodents in a new modern original package which is attractive to retail trade with the boiled thoroughly sides and a flat bottom (type “Stabilpack”)
The cosmetic line "BioVaks" made by firm "Biosphera", will help to solve set of problems connected with leaving and education of your pet. Shampoos of "Bioflor" are specially developed for those cases when the cat and a dog live at home together, as family. Among traditional shampoos «Series 43» created for care of the pet without water – special powders and gels. Cosmetics «Gold Premium» – elite professional shampoos and first-rate quality sprays. Antiparasitic collars «BioVaks. Parasites? No!»  became a novelty of 2009.

It is possible to find in many pet-shops and hypermarkets other goods which are let out under mark «VАКА» such as litters for the cat's toilets, vitamin-mineral additives on the basis of sea kale, ammunition, aquariums and aquarium accessories, cages for birds and rodents, a product from plastic and many other things. Employees of company constantly work over expansion of assortment and increasing the quality of production to make buyers and their pets happy. The new marks let out in 2008 of tinned forages – «Weekly-Quickly» for cats and «X-element» for dogs have well proved in the consumer market

Company "Biosphera" is the founder of Association of the enterprises of the zooindustry, a member of the Union of the Enterprises of Zoobusiness (UEZ), Commercial and industrial Chamber of the Leningrad region and Commercial and industrial Chamber SPB

The great attention is given to exhibition activity. Practically at all largest exhibitions it is possible to meet and communicate to representatives of company. "Biosphera" traditionally takes part in the largest Russian exhibition "Zoosphere" which takes place annually in the autumn in expocentre "Lenexpo" in St.-Petersburg. Also "Biosphera" are sponsors and organizer of many known exhibitions of dogs, cats, rodents.


Company "Biosfera"
Институтский проезд, 1 производственная зона Мурино, Мурино, Ленинградская обл., 188662

tel. +7 812 3366324
tel\fax +7 812 336-63-24

e-mail: (manager of purchase department)

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